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Welcome to LottaWadda Beach, my newest MicroMiniature project. Right now it's still in the conceptual and design stage, but I'm gathering the information, components, equipment and supplies needed for construction. This will be the largest and most ambitious project I've attempted yet. When completed, it will measure 48x30 inches and will include about 20 different buildings and structures. I'll try to post photos of each phase of the construction.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Updated Layout

As I research and gather components for this new project, I've come to realize that some changes in the layout are necessary.

Here's the new layout. The changes are outlined below. I'll soon be adding another version of this layout graphic with labels for each item so it's easier to envision what I'm trying to achieve.

I found a wonderful diner kit (complete with lighting and interior) that would fit in well with the lodge. I also realized that I should probably provide a parking area for those who've come to spend the day at the beach or eat at the diner. (Besides, I've got a bunch of fun cars just looking for a project to join.)

Adding this parking area meant that I'd have to move everything to the left a bit, to allow space. I've added sidewalks, paths, driveways and garages and stone steps leading down to the beach from two of the houses.

I've also included a vegetable garden, a row of peonies and a gazebo by the first house. The landscaping on this project is going to be fun.There will be lots of flowers, around the houses, lots of brush and weeds and trees (palm, deciduous and pine) around the bluff tops.

I've been looking at various ways to make the stone bluffs. At first I thought I'd use the molds and casting medium from Woodland Scenics, but I've now found a source for big hunks of cork that are in layers and easily cut to the shape and configuration I want. It would be very easy to cut the cork to fit the layout which is not possible with the Woodland Scenics molds. The cork could also be easily painted to look stone-like. Here are a couple of pictures of the cork I'll be using.

The first picture shows small chunks that could be used for small boulders or for smaller outcroppings of stone. The second shows the striations that could so easily be made to look like stone. I can get fairly large pieces (about 6x6 inches) for a very reasonable price. Six inches in this scale would be equivalent to 72 feet and I really don't plan on having the bluffs being that tall. I'm thinking the bluff will be at most about 3-4 inches tall (36-48 feet). That should be plenty!

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