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Welcome to LottaWadda Beach, my newest MicroMiniature project. Right now it's still in the conceptual and design stage, but I'm gathering the information, components, equipment and supplies needed for construction. This will be the largest and most ambitious project I've attempted yet. When completed, it will measure 48x30 inches and will include about 20 different buildings and structures. I'll try to post photos of each phase of the construction.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Layout with Labels

Okay, I've finally got the layout all labeled. Here it is, with the explanations below.

A:  The three mansions, each very similar architerctually, but vastly different in furninshings and style. One will be rather old fashioned, with a kitchen and furnishings that haven't changed much since the 60s. The second will be much more up-to-date, but comfortable and child-friendly. The third will be very sleek and modern.

B:  The original Lodge  - the family lives in part of the lodge, the rest is open to the public.

C:  The nicest of the accomodations offered, three beach cottages, furnished with twin or bunk beds and a bath and stove and sink.

D:   The mid-range accomodations. These smaller "shacks" will offer a half bath with a makeshift shower. No cooking facilities are provided.

E:  The Marina - The marina will have several things for sell, mostly fishing equipment or accessories for beach play. There are also a couple of gas pumps for refueling of the boats tied up at the dock.

F:  The Diner - specializing in fresh caught seafood

G:  An outdoor public restroom, so sand is not tracked into the marina or diner buildings.

H:  The roads within the gated community are all beautiful cobblestone.

I:  The roads by the lodge are just your typical asphalt/concrete surface

J:  A roundabout (rotary, traffic circle, whatever they call it in your part of the world) to help keep the traffic at a moderate pace and to allow for the beautiful fountain (which, if all goes well, will actually be a working microminiature fountain)

K:  The fountain

L:  This small stone structure will house a guard/gatekeeper

M:  Beautiful white wrought-iron fencing surrounds the community

N:  The gates to the community - I've just found some very slow motors. I'm trying now to work out how to make the gates operational at the touch of a switch

O:  Garages. When the community was built in the 60s, these would have all been one-car garages. I haven't decided yet if one or more of them will be updated to larger multi-car garages.

P:  The Gazebo

Q:  The garden shed and greenhouse

R:  The vegetable garden - it will contain pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, carrots, corn, and a few other leafy type things (maybe some cauliflower)

S:  The beautiful line of peony bushes (may end up being roses - I'm not sure yet)

T:  The stone bluffs

U:  Access to the accomadations

V:  This gravel area will provide space for a couple of campers for folks who bring their accomodations with them.

W:  The parking area

X:  The public beach

Y:  The clothing optional beach

Z:  Pathways from the lodge to the diner, marina and beach

1:  Small vendor kiosks selling surfboards, towels, sunscreen, floaties, burgers, hot dogs and whatever else the vendor think might help them turn a buck

2:  The stairs cut into the stone bluffs to provide access to the beach for the residents of the houses

3:  The boat dock - sometimes a few folks can be seen fishing from the end of the dock - a few swimmers have been "hooked" over the years

4:  This area will be filled with surfers and swimmers

5:  Paved sidewalks and driveways

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