Welcome to LottaWadda Beach

Welcome to LottaWadda Beach, my newest MicroMiniature project. Right now it's still in the conceptual and design stage, but I'm gathering the information, components, equipment and supplies needed for construction. This will be the largest and most ambitious project I've attempted yet. When completed, it will measure 48x30 inches and will include about 20 different buildings and structures. I'll try to post photos of each phase of the construction.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome to LottaWadda Beach

Right now, I'm working on the layout and design portion of the project. It will be constructed on foam board, layered to create the topography and give me room underneath for all the wiring and other stuff that gets hidden. There will be MANY lights in this project. Each room of each house will be lit as well as street lights and other external fixtures. So far, I've managed to make a graphic of the layout. I did this to make sure that I could get in all the elements that I wanted to include without it appearing too crowded. Here you can get a look at it. This graphic doesn't show any of the topography, but I'll add that later.

I've also been working on some of the other graphics that will be used in the construction. This is the arching sign over the gates to the estates:

I hope to be able to have this laser cut. I can't imagine trying to cut out all these details by hand. The sign below is the one that will hang, rather crookedly, over the entrance to the lodge. It's been there since the lodge opened in the 40's. It's rather weathered now. When I make the sign, I'll probably weather it just a bit more. As I begin the construction, I'll post pictures of the progress.

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